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Finding Images

For some sites images makes it all work. But where can we get what we want or like? Have you considered using your own pictures? I use mine quite a lot. There are a number of online locations to get what you want. Royalty free images which you can use on your website. Three of the more popular image web sites are listed below.

BigStockPhoto provides designers with an alternative to high-priced stock photography‚ in addition to providing photographers with a marketplace to sell their work.

At find your inspiration on the world's leading royalty-free stock destination. Search for over 4 million photographs‚ vector illustrations‚ video footage‚ audio tracks and Flash files.

Getty Images has an extensive image and stock illustration offering that spans everything from conceptual rights-managed and royalty-free creative images to up-to-the-minute editorial coverage – including news ‚ sport and celebrity photos‚ and timeless vintage photography.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the art and science of publishing and marketing information that ranks well for valuable keywords in search engines like Google‚ Yahoo! Search‚ and Microsoft Bing. Get informed on the basics for marketing your business online form

Search Engine Marketing Bootcamp articles are no-frills content designed to bring small business owners up to speed on the techniques needed to market their businesses online. Check out the articles at