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Some of the books I use for web design:

About Shen Valley Tech

My name is Bob Way and I am Shen Valley Tech. I have been doing web design and development for the last 15 years. I realize web design practices are constantly changing and I do my best to keep up with all of the changes through conferences, online study and books. I have recently completed a course in Responsive Web Design. In addition, to stay abreast of the new developments I regularly read articles on design and read a lot of books by the more popular international web designers.

In practice I have done sites designed for use on an intranet and the internet. I have designed web sites for small businesses, charitible organizations, non-profits, educational organizations, and various intranet sites used on the Iridium Satellite Project. My intranet sites included web portals, regular communication sites, a web logbook, and various web applications to access database information and present it in graphical form. I have taken a couple of years off to try and savor retirement but now have decided I need something more exciting to do. What could be more exciting than the world of the internet?

Examples of my past work are shown below. The first three are template examples I have created and used for sites in the past. Others are screen shots of websites I have done on the internet and for an intranet.

A Photography Site A non-profit site A small business site
FRWRC old web site image A security document site Boeing SOGS thumbnail
Boeing GSS thumbnail Boeing EI thumbnail Boeing Security thumbnail

Some more personal information about me. I have over 40 years experience as a test and systems engineer. I have a BS degree in Computer Information Systems. I am a Dad, with three great sons and a wonderful wife. I pursue photography when I can, some of my photos can be seen at my Shen Valley Images Facebook site. Some of these have been displayed at a Blue Ridge Arts Council (BRAC) exhibit in Front Royal, VA. I support my community as a member of BRAC and the Friends of the Samuels Library. And I love Military and Science Fiction genre books, TV shows and movies.